I know from personal experience as a mother and professionally as a midwife how important

preparation is to your positive birth experience.

Let’s talk about how we can get you best prepared mentally, emotionally and physically during

pregnancy and excited about your birthing day.

Join me for a one or two day Hypnobirthing Workshop at The Mind Room in Collingwood, Melbourne.




Hypnobirthing Workshops

Positivebirth Hypnobirthing Workshops are interactive birthing classes that will prepare you mentally, emotionally and physically for a calm positive birth experience.

Held at The Mind Room, Collingwood

Mindfulness for Pregnancy and Birth

Image courtesy of angelagallo.com/home/

Image courtesy of angelagallo.com/home/

Coming Soon - Join me in 2019 to explore how mindfulness meditation and mindfulness in practice can benefit you and your baby throughout pregnancy and in preparation for birth.


My partner and I got so much out of the day and really enjoyed learning about the how and why Hypnobirthing can result in a relaxed, calm birth. It definitely changed our view of labour to a positive and exciting moment rather than a daunting, scary and painful experience. We are practicing the techniques regularly and look forward to meeting our beautiful baby!

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Karen McNeil

Registered Midwife
Maternal and Child Health Nurse
Registered Nurse
Masters in Child, Family and Community Health

Mindful Mama Practitioner
Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner



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