I am a mother to three adventurous boys, partner to one in life and have had the honour of joining many couples on their journey to parenthood as a Midwife.

I have worked as a Registered Midwife in both private and public hospitals in Melbourne and London.

I believe birth matters, really matters. How we feel as women about the transformative experience of birth affects our journey to becoming a mother. It affects our closest relationships and our ability to nurture our new family.

I want you to be informed about your birth options.

I want you to have knowledge and be empowered by your choices.

I want you to be calm and centered as you prepare for birth and amazed at the physiology of your birthing body.

I want you to feel your birth was the most amazing, positive, breath-taking experience however that unfolds for you and your baby.

Ultimately I want for you to have the experience you want for your baby and your body. Why? Because this is ultimately what affects your confidence and transition to becoming a parent.


April 2017 - Working as a midwife in Tanzania