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Surge of the Sea

Guided self Hypnosis and relaxation specifically for pregnancy and childbirth

If you attend a Hypnobirting Australia workshop this is included in the course


Rainforest Dreaming

Rainforest Dreaming is inspiring byancient place and ritual. Birth is an intensely physical, emotional and spiritual time in a woman and her baby’s journey. Let Melissa’s soothing voice guide you in this deep self-hypnosis, relaxation track as you travel through the rainforest, visit ancient rock pools and bathe your mind, body and soul in peace and tranquility.

New Release $9.99

Prompts for Birthing

Prompts for Birthing’ is a professionally guided self-hypnosis album, especially designed for use during childbirth.

As this album is designed to induce very deep relaxation as you labour and birth. It uses deep, slow, specific prompts and we are receiving RAVE reviews from mums who have used this album during their labour.



Fear Release

If you are holding fears leading up to your birth – then this is the album for you. Fear Release is a deep self-hypnosis long-play track. Use it at a time when you can completely relax and let go of any of those fears and reservations that could be holding you back from experiencing the joyful birth you deserve.


Glove of Endorphins

‘Glove of Endorphins’ is professionally guided self-hypnosis, especially designed for use during pregnancy and childbirth. This is the technique that we teach in our classes, so the album can be a great accompaniment to your hypnobirthing practice.


Breech Turn

Utilise the power of your mind/body connection to encourage your little one to move into the optimal position for birthing. If your baby is in the breech; this album can assist you to release any tension, relax your uterine muscles and allow room for your precious baby to move into the vertex position.



Baby, Come Out!

If you are past that estimated ‘guess’ date and feeling the pressure for things to start ‘moving along’… this album is for you! We have incorporated a Fear Release especially for the later stages of pregnancy and lots of positive messages of encouragement for baby to come earth-side.


Breastfeeding and Bonding with Baby

This album has been created to help you to reduce tension and enhance your level of relaxation during breastfeeding whilst you bond with your precious baby.



Caesarean Birth

Caesarean Birth – Calm and Relaxed’ helps to prepare your mind & body for a calm and positive caesarean birth, using hypnobirthing techniques of relaxation, breathing, visualisation & self-hypnosis.