Feedback from couples after taking a Positivebirth Hypnobirthing Workshop


February 2018

'Karen’s class was an indispensable part of my labour preparation. I left feeling more confident and convinced of my mental and physical ability to have the birth I wanted... and I did! '


March 2018

'My husband and I were relatively sceptical about how effective it was going to be and we were blown away by its effectiveness. I did my homework and listened to the tracks everyday, practiced the anchor with my husband too. When my contractions came, I put my headphones on and listened to pregnancy & labour affirmations, contractions and 321 relax tracks on repeat. With my TENS machine in hand, I was in a totally different zone. So much so that my husband overheard the midwife telling her student how she couldn't tell when I was having a contraction because I was so calm and quiet. It felt like all a dream until the moment came to push. Like you said, the intensity of the contractions never was bigger than myself and I was able to deal with it. So thank you very much for sharing your amazing knowledge with us.'


January 2018
'We thought the workshop was excellent and well structured. The information was well presented, perfectly paced and delivery was spot on. We really enjoyed Karen and her evidence based presentation. I have been recommending this workshop to everyone I meet that are pregnant... in fact one of my friends have attended your workshop after my recommendation!'



January 2018

It definitely built my confidence and answered a lot of questions I had about birth. I feel so much more prepared and ready now. Before the workshop and reading the book I was scared of labour/birth, now I’m just excited and ready!


October 2017

'Yesterday was wonderful for us, so much insight a lot to think about and walk way with which is exactly what you want from a day course.'

'I think the day made things more real for Gareth and he has gained more insight as to his role as the support person, that he is not just a stand by (so to say). He kept referencing the BRAIN acronym last night and seems really focused now on our birth plan, how we want to roll out the event and that it's truly about us and our wishes. That was really important to me as I think men can sometimes feel like they are just along for the ride, I know our pregnancy so far has been more "real" for me than him, I think it's opened things up. 
Tonight's reading will most likely be our new obtained book from yesterday!'


September 2017

'Our little girl arrived safely and in good health. I wanted to say a big thank you for teaching us the hypnobirthing techniques that gave me/us the confidence and calmness on the lead up and during her birth.

The midwives were amazed and both came to see me after birth to say what an amazing birth it had been and how I was so calm and relaxed. I can't thank you enough, you changed our approach and we couldn't have done it without sharing your wisdom and experience.'


August 2016
I loved the meditation. It truly is the only meditation practice where I have felt totally absorbed and in another world. I felt very refreshed at the end of the session. Also, the detail around what is happening within your body during labour gave context to the how and why behind the hypnobirthing techniques.

Overall, my partner and I got a lot out of the day and really enjoyed learning about the how and why hypnobirthing can result in a relaxed, calm birth. It definitely changed our view of labour to a positive and exciting moment rather than a daunting, scary and painful experience. We are practicing the techniques regularly and look forward to meeting our beautiful baby!


March 2018

'The workshop and book we took home has helped build my confidence tremendously'

A refreshing and positive introduction for my partner into 'hypnobirthing' considering the name and branding can come across as potentially overly 'alternative' 'hippy' or something that only the woman will connect with. Great experience to do together. I believe will help with our relationship and shared experience of birth.